Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, MSc, MHSc, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor for The Wellness Company Canada


From Dr. Alexander:

"I was honored to join TWC USA and then TWC Canada to help make a difference in the lives of people given the disaster we have lived across the 3 years of COVID. Every single COVID lockdown policy failed and now we have severe challenges with the COVID gene injection as to the harmful effects. I wanted to be aligned with a company that focused on health and well-being and not driven by messages of fear and disaster. I wanted to be allowed to share by background in evidence-based medicine and epidemiology so as to help provide high-quality, robust, trustworthy, open, transparent, and explicit information for the best optimal informed decision making. This would translate into improved health and well-being for Canadians and global citizens. I want to help people get to their full potential and health, and so very honored to have met the crew at TWC USA led by Foster Coulson. This company and model led by Foster is unique and the goal is a full compendium of care and support and already we are making huge impacts on lives. It is about full healthcare, the complete package and of the highest quality. This is not a supplement company, it is a full health and wellness company.”


About Dr. Alexander

Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD, is an epidemiologist, research methodologist, and evidence-based medicine specialist. He graduated from Oxford University, McMaster University, and University of Toronto in the fields of epidemiology, methods, and evidence-based medicine. Learning is life-long for Paul and so his resume will show that he continues to this day to refine and supplement and update. Paul can be considered a global expert in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and all things research methods given he completed his doctorate under the founder of EBM.

Today, Dr. Alexander supports many global groups as it relates to COVID pandemic and the response and is focused on overall health and wellness as the society recovers and moves forward. Dr. Alexander exemplifies The Wellness Company values, ethics, and focus on compassion and giving back to the community and leads (and wants to lead) the way in how we should think and conceptualize wellness.




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