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Zinc: Your Natural Shield Against Cold and Flu Season

As the leaves change color and temperatures begin to drop, cold and flu season follows close behind. As Autumn moves into full swing, and lots of ...
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From Insanity to Serenity: 4 Rules for Better Digital Hygiene

In a recent article, we outlined the serious toll that digital devices are taking on Gen Z's mental health. While these harms have been most clear...
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The Power of D-Ribose in TWC's Healthy Heart Formula

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, underscoring the urgent need for both treatments and effective preventive measures. In...
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Loneliness in the Digital Age: The Silent Health Crisis

A painful irony of our modern world is that in an era characterized by technological innovations designed to connect the world 24/7, modern people...
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Digital Imprint: How Smartphones Are Warping the Mental Health of Gen Z

Back in 2022, we explored the alarming surge in anxiety and depression among Gen Z teens in an article titled "Anxiety and Depression are On the R...
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Pomegranate Peel: A Natural Shield for Your Immune System

Pomegranates, with their ruby-red seeds, have been cherished for their delicious taste and health benefits for centuries. But did you know that th...
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Optimize Your Sleep, Fortify Your Gut: Exploring the Connection Between Sleep and GI Health

As Autumn approaches, many of us will find ourselves juggling an impossibly busy schedule. As the days shorten, the kids return to school, and wor...
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Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient?

Let's begin by stating one of the few things on which most health and wellness enthusiasts can agree: the world of nutrition can be utterly confus...
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